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When I would come across blogs that described people’s days, hobbies and thoughts, I would immediately think, why? Why are you allowing people from all corners of the earth to invade your private thoughts? Why do they need to know about your life?

Recently, it came to my attention or rather I finally let myself worry over the possibility that I may never truly know what it is that I want to do with my life. I have been spoiled with choice my entire existence I was afraid that I was going to make the wrong decision.

I am most definitely not ungrateful ,and talking to people, many people has made me realise that this crippling fear is something that haunts us all, more so than generations before us.  Along with realising that this daunting task of making choices for your future is supported by insurmountable pressure, it dawned on me that this sharing of stories is somewhat therapeutic. We come from all walks of life yet face the same task and ultimately we will all have different outcomes of failure and success – which is where the fear stems from. We all want success.

This fear of failing is stopping us from living our lives. we’re stuck in this rut of ‘what if that’s not what i want?’ , “what if I don’t like it?’ ‘what if it takes too long?’, what if ? what it? what if? Two little words when put together can change the course of one’s life.  Talking to not only my friends but friendly strangers, I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of of people that make up this fear category.

The first group encompasses those who give up on their dream before they’ve even started and settle for something because it’s ‘safe and ‘secure’. The second group is where I am… or was. The second group consists of those who for the life of them can’t make any decisions. They think they know what they want but keep on changing until ultimately they’re 40 or 50 and haven’t really ever taken a chance on anything because they didn’t want to choose the wrong thing! In the end not choosing anything was wrong. Finally, the third group consists of those few who know what they want and even with fear go for it. It includes those who decide to select something even though it may not be for them and those who just choose.

I have chosen. I have chosen. I have chosen.

I have chosen to pursue something that not only will gratify me but I know that even if i don’t end up liking it, I will be ok in choosing something else. I will keep on choosing until my discerning has brought me to what it is I am meant to do with my life, and who knows, my first choice may be the right one for me :)

Keep choosing, and explore with people. Ultimately, we’re all in it together.

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Images © Christina Guzman
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