Transformation to optimism

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“Transformation in vision and consciousness will automatically create favourable circumstances”

How often do you want something, but realise it’ll take a bit of hard work and effort so you decide you don’t really want it anymore?

Unfortunately I’ve done it more times than I’d care to admit!

I see or think of something that I want or want to do and as soon I see that it won’t happen straight away or I won’t get it straight away, I come up with excuses as to why it’s better that I don’t get it or do it.

Like baking a cake. I want to eat cake. I want to bake a cake – but can I really be bothered mixing a few ingredients together and then putting them in the oven? Usually the answer is no.

Recently, I have found that optimism is a virtue we as a society don’t work enough to spread and maintain. It’s quite easy to say, “be optimistic” or “see the silver lining” but in practice it is much harder. When you have a back breaking job, miserable friends or if you’re terminally ill, optimism is hard to come by.

Yet the wonders it can do for you when you apply yourself and commit to seeing the best in everything will truly transform your life and create favourable circumstances.

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I’ve seen and been on both ends of the optimistic spectrum and let me tell you that when you are down low and can’t see the sky, you have to find it in yourself to consciously make the decision that you will not be put down by what has been chucked at you. You have to choose to make that conscious effort to see the light, because once you do it will shine brighter and bolder.

Will it be easy? Ironically no. Being optimistic all the time is by far one of the most difficult things to do and it takes a lot of hard work. But If ever in your life you have wanted to strive for something, strive for optimism. Transform that negativity into positivity – the world will thank you for it and become a better place because of it.

I truly do believe that transforming how you see the world changes your life. Just make sure your vision isn’t darkened, rather transformed so it can always catch even the faintest ray of light.

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