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It customary for the population, that when the new year arrive, to have a goal we wish to accomplish. For some it may be weight loss, for others it is weight gain but if I’m to be quite honest, the majority of the time they’re pretty useless and farfetched.

Mine this year is to read my ever-growing mountain of books. Yes, très cliched I’m sure, but when you have an ‘enter a bookstore, must buy book’ addiction it really is quite necessary. I’ve met a bunch of people that swear they’ll get through x amount of books, but come March or April they’ve given up. Luckily that won’t happen to me, here’s why…

Group formation

Many of those who bravely went on the mission to read, did so by themselves – they had no support! Therefore in order to get around this bump in the road I have decided to make a book club, which you are all free to join! Just pop by each month, see what we’re up to and drop a comment if you’d like (book suggestions also welcome) :)

My money, my problem

You know how they say if you tell people your dreams you kind of have to go through with them, well yep! That’s what I’ve done. By forming this group I’m holding myself accountable because if I slack off weeeeeelllll, I’ll look a tad ridiculous. And i’ll only have, myself to blame.

The tide is rising quickly

As I mentioned before, my ‘habit’ of buying a book every time I enter a store has landed me in a bit of a pickle. I’m spending more than I’m reading and I need to fix this.


I love reading, so why not spend as much time as I can doing what I love?

All books chosen throughout the year will be fresh, classic and thought provoking… I hope. As I haven’t read most of my collection I won’t really know whether they’re worthy of praise or not, so we’ll just have to wing it.

Rest assured, they will all be perfect for when you’re bored, in transit, travelling or going to sleep. Just like books should be :)




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