A literary quest: January

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And January has begun!

At the beginning of the year, I like many others decided upon a new year’s resolution that we would keep at throughout the year. Like many, I usually dwindle and fail at keeping them so I have decided to keep myself accountable by writing it all down and creating a bookclub where we will read 12 books in 12 months – pretty easy right?

At the beginning of every month I will create a page where we can discuss the previous book and a post about the new book we will be looking at.

So, let’s begin!


To start the year off, I thought we’d go with this lovely looking book that I got as a christmas present by Elizabeth George: a banquet of consequences.

Delving into crime, murder and the difficulty of human relationships the book promises to be a good read. I have started reading it and I must say that it is has enthralled me from the start – I hope it stays this way.

So let’s tuck in and immerse ourselves into present day London to see whether or not we can pick up on all the clues…

I hope it doesn’t disappoint :)

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