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Like most things, tastes change with the turn of a new season. For example, in winter I crave a piping hot cappuccino or a smooth, creamy latte. While in summer, it’s completely different – the iced latte makes a strong return.

Living in Melbourne means I am constantly surrounded by good coffee – at least almost always. I love that I can always be a walk away from a quality cup of coffee; it’s incredibly reassuring.

Everyone also tends to be aware of the standard coffees that are ordered: you’ve got your cap, your latte, flat white, long black, short black and espresso. No one seems to have an issue with them, no wires seem to get crossed. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my beloved iced latte.

If I order one in the city, it’s safe to say I get what I ask for and for the normal running price too. However, as you move more and more out towards the suburbs I have unfortunately found that knowledge of said iced latte – a.k.a the perfect summer drink – is minimal. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have asked for an iced latte and been met with frowns of confusion, followed with “do you mean an iced coffee?”

Now I don’t usually rant about silly little things like coffee (not really that silly 😉 ) or other things that are really not detrimental, but I’m actually so over this *cry face*.

At first I was like oh ok, you don’t know what it is? That’s ok. I thought it was a one off thing, but the more I started to order it everywhere, the more people were like “sorry we don’t do that here”, “sorry I don’t know how to make that”, “sorry, sorry, sorry”.

AAAHHHHHHH I know many of you may not relate to this but I have found it incredibly frustrating that there are baristas who are unsure of how to make an iced latte! All it is, is cold milk poured over a cube (or cubes) of ice and the shot of coffee – that’s it! No ice-cream, no cream, no nothing – nothing extra. Just milk, an ice cube (or cubes depending on the size of your ice cubes) and the shot of coffee.

And to make matters worse, these places that have no idea what an iced coffee is, charge me almost DOUBLE the price of a normal coffee – you don’t even need to heat the milk up! why am I being charged extra?

Yes this is such a first world problem but this last one was the last straw.

To all the baristas out there, please learn how to make iced lattes – and learn the difference between it and an iced coffee (which includes cream and ice-cream). Pretty please 🙂 .

Now that I let my frustration out I feel better iced latte lover ❤

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